Families are Forever Printable

Families are Forever Printable

I had a hard time coming up with a printable for this simple phrase. I wasn’t sure if I should make it overly extravagant, or keep it simple. I’d like to think I kept it in the middle, and let “Families are Forever” stand out more. And can I just say how glad I am that I get to be with my cute little family forever, even through the roughest of days, they’re the ones I want to keep with me for eternity. 🙂

This printable is perfect to hang in your home whether it be surrounded by pictures of your family, or hung up by itself somewhere in your home. It is the perfect reminder that families are important and a great reminder of what an amazing blessing this is from our Heavenly Father.

Families are forever 2

Families are Forever printable download here:

  5×7 pdf | 8×10 pdf | 11×16 pdf | 11×16 jpg | 16×20 pdf | 16×20 jpg

Temple Time Capsule Printables

Temple Time Capsules Display

When I was in Young Women, I remember putting together these Temple Time Capsules. We got to choose our future wedding dress, colors, flowers, the whole nine-yards, but most importantly the temple we wanted to get married in. In our church, we believe that we can be married for eternity by the sealing power of the Priesthood. This can only be done in one of the many LDS Temples throughout the world. (To learn more about it, visit LDS.org).

I was so excited about the Temple Time Capsules, and had so much fun doing it. I even waited until the day I got engaged to open it! It was fun to see the style and the wedding ideas I picked back when I was 12-13 years old and how much it had changed over the years. I thought it would be fun to bring this back and do the same activity with the Young Women in our ward. They had a lot of fun and got to look through magazines for wedding ideas, picked a Modest wedding dress, write down the qualities in their future husband, as well as the qualities they wanted to develop in themselves.

Here are the printables we used for the activity. I thought we could do this activity in one night, but you will definitely need more than an hour to finish this project. There is no wrong way to do this activity. It is a night for the girls to plan out their future wedding, and to remind them about the importance of a temple marriage.

Things you’ll need:

-Empty food storage can (or a container like Tupperware, etc.)

-Wedding Magazines for wedding inspiration

-Pictures of (modest) wedding dresses – I printed my from online websites like Margene’s bridal

-Artificial roses (Dollar Store is great! Just clip off rose buds from their bundles)

-Wedding favor bubbles

-Tea candle (another Dollar Store purchase)

-Ensign articles about marriage (this fulfills the “Instruction Plan” in your ingredients list). Ever Love Design picked out a great set of articles to give the girls:

Divorce” April 2007
Our Solemn Responsibilities” November 1991
Beware of Pride” May 1998

Cover-Time-Capsules-pinkTemple Time Capsule Cover – download here

Ingredients for the back of the can – download hereFuture-FamilyMy Future Family – download here


My Future Wedding Dress – download here

My-Future-Wedding-PlansMy Future Wedding Plans – download here


Other Ideas – download hereWedding-PlansQualities – download here

Everyday, I’m grateful that I can be with my husband and my family for eternity. It has been one of the greatest decisions I’ve made and one of the best days of my life. What a great blessing it is to have Temples on the earth.


Personal Progress Organization Printables

Personal Progress Organization Display

I’ve been asked to help out with Personal Progress in the Young Women program of our church. We have a Beehive who is still pretty new to Young Women, and I’ve been trying to come up with ways to help her with completing Personal Progress. Everybody is different, but I’ve finally come up with some ways that I hope will help her, and some of the other Young Women in your ward. I’ve made 3 different Personal Progress Organization Printables that you can print out whenever you need.

YW-Personal-Progress-Long-Term-GoalsThis first printable is for the girls to plan out what Value Experiences and Value Projects they would like to work on throughout the year. The Personal Progress book recommends that the girls “complete at least one experience a month and one project every six months” (Personal Progress p. 9). I added a few more Value Experience spaces in case your girls want to get their personal progress done quickly. It’s a great way for your girls to have a long term goal on what they’d like to accomplish for their Personal Progress over the year and be able to see what they need to be working on each month. The best part, this printable is good every year and any year!

Download your “Personal Progress Long Term Goals” here.


This next printable will help your girls plan out the Value Experience they want to work on now. The top line underneath “Value Experience” is for your girls to write down the Value and the Number they are going to be working on. For example, “Faith #1.” When your girls are ready to start a Value Experience, all they need to do is look over the requirements and write down in the designated spaces what they need to do for that Experience. Then they can check off the boxes next to them as they complete each task.

Download your Value Experience Printables here


Last, but not least is the Value Project. Just like the Value Experience Printable, your girls will write down the Value Project they are working on in the top line. Under “Prep,” your girls can write down all the things they need to do before they get started (if they need to). And, in the “Tasks” section, the girls can write out the things they need to do in order to complete their project and plan out how much time they think they’re going to spend under “Expected Amt of Time,” and then record how much time each task took under “Completed Time” to help them keep track of how long their project took.

Download your Value Project Printable here.

I’m giving my Beehive a Journal and a Weekly Planner to hopefully get her more excited about Personal Progress. I hope this helps you and your Young Women! Please let me know if you have any questions.

2015 Printable Calendar

Calendar Print

I was asked to create a calendar for the girls in young women so we could include all the upcoming activities throughout the year, and wanted to share this with anyone else who needed one! It’s simple and is great to use in organizations or for personal use. Below the calendar is a section for “notes” and “things to do, which I have found to be useful, especially when there is not enough room to fit everything you need to in the calendar box.

Make sure when you print the file, that you select “fit”/”fit on page” in the sizing options. I hope this helps keep you organized throughout the year!

 2015 Printable Calendar – download here

Landscape version for September through December – download here

Grab the 2016 Calendar here!