Families are Forever Printable

Families are Forever Printable

I had a hard time coming up with a printable for this simple phrase. I wasn’t sure if I should make it overly extravagant, or keep it simple. I’d like to think I kept it in the middle, and let “Families are Forever” stand out more. And can I just say how glad I am that I get to be with my cute little family forever, even through the roughest of days, they’re the ones I want to keep with me for eternity. 🙂

This printable is perfect to hang in your home whether it be surrounded by pictures of your family, or hung up by itself somewhere in your home. It is the perfect reminder that families are important and a great reminder of what an amazing blessing this is from our Heavenly Father.

Families are forever 2

Families are Forever printable download here:

  5×7 pdf | 8×10 pdf | 11×16 pdf | 11×16 jpg | 16×20 pdf | 16×20 jpg

Primary Matching Game

Primary Matching GameYesterday we had our Primary Program and I wanted to give the kids a break when it came to their lesson. So we played games, but made sure they learned a little something while we played. I wanted them to play a non-topic related game, so I whipped up this fun little Primary Matching Game. The kids LOVED it, and wanted to play the entire class time. This is also a great time-filler for your class, and perfect for FHE too!

I grabbed different LDS clip art that I found from the internet (so personal use only) to use for the pictures and created simple questions to go along with it. We split the class up into 2 teams, and whenever they found a match we asked them the question that went along with the pair. Here are a list of questions that go along with the game, but you are more than welcome to come up with your own and please share so others can see! 🙂 These questions were created for our CTR 4 class, so if you have an older class you may want to come up with harder questions.

Download the game here – Make sure to print this on some sort of colorful paper or something thick so that you can’t see through!


10 Commandments – Who was given the 10 commandments?

Kindness – Who should we love and be kind to?

Baptism – At what age can we be baptized?

Sacrament – When do we take the Sacrament?

Prayer – When should we pray?

Jesus – Who does Jesus love?

CTR – What does CTR stand for?

Missionaries – Who can serve a mission?

Family at the Temple – Where do we go to get married if we want to have eternal families?

Tithing – How much do we give for tithing?

Source for pictures: 10 Commandments | Kindness | Baptism | Sacrament | Prayer | Jesus | CTR | Missionaries | Family at the Temple | Tithing

Obedient Badges Printable


We had a lesson about being obedient in our Primary class yesterday, so I decided to make these obedient badges. I printed them out on Target’s “Name Badge Labels” – 5.8 cm x 8.5 cm and then cut around the badges so that they could be “stickers.”

The kids loved them! These are perfect for Primary lessons or FHE lessons at home. I have a page already set up for the Target labels. If it doesn’t work for you, I have individual .jpgs you can download and set up in Word or another document that you can easily set up for print.

8.5x 11 – download print version here
download .jpg here
 download .jpg here
download .jpg here
download .jpg here
download .jpg here
download. jpg here