Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

valentines card display

I loved Valentine’s Day as a kid in elementary school because of all the candy you got. I could care less about the cards that came without candy, and let’s be honest who doesn’t love a little something sweet on Valentine’s Day? Because I’m a lover of candy, and all things chocolate, I’ve created a printable Valentine’s Day card that you can print out quickly and stick a chocolate heart onto. Your kids will love helping you put the chocolate hearts on, and they’ll feel like they’ve taken part of making a Valentine’s Day Card for their friends!

Valentine’s Day Card all colors – download here

Valentine’s Day Card pink – download here

Valentine’s Day Card red – download here

Valentine’s Day Card pink & blue – download here

Fancy Kid Art – “Little Pumpkins”

IMG_0955smallWe love having our son’s artwork around in the house, and I get super excited about it. I wanted to get JD more excited about fall so I let him do a pumpkin craft yesterday. I also wanted to display it in our home and make it a little bit “fancier” and turn it into more of a decoration so I created this “Little Pumpkins” printable. I love its simplicity and its ability to bring the family together. I adapted the project from here. Have fun getting your kids excited for Fall with this craft!

IMG_0934 small IMG_0935 small pumpkinsFancy Kid Art {Little Pumpkins} 8×10 – download here

little-pumpkins-5x7Fancy Kid Art {Little Pumpkins} two 5×7 – download here