Easy Mini Valentine’s Day Donuts

mini valentines donuts

It has been crazy these past few months. We moved into our new home, I worked full time for the holiday season, and celebrated our youngest’s 2nd birthday. Now it’s time to get back to working on this little blog of mine.

We’re getting pretty excited for Valentine’s Day at our house. So yesterday, I decided to do something fun with my kids while dad was out of the house. These mini Valentine’s Day donuts are so easy to put together, my kids understood what to do pretty quickly, and they’re 5 (almost) and 2. The best part, you only need 3 ingredients!


Package of Glazed (or plain) Mini Donuts – like Hostess or Little Debbie’s

Candy Melts – feel free to choose your favorite Valentine’s colors

Valentine’s Day Sprinkles

mini valentines donuts 4

  1. Dip your donut into a bowl of melted candy chocolate.

mini valentines donuts 5

2. Let any extra candy melts drizzle off of your donut and set on a cooling rack.

mini valentines donuts 2

3. Grab your favorite sprinkles (look how cute those hands are! I know this picture is pretty much unnecessary but it was too cute not to share).

mini valentines donuts 3

4. Sprinkle your hearts desire on your donut.

mini valentines donuts 6

5. Let your donuts sit and dry off for a little bit until the chocolate has hardened. And you’re all done!

Super easy and great to do with your kids. The only downside is the clean up. Like I predicted, the sprinkles got everywhere, but it was totally worth having them do something that didn’t involve sitting in front of the TV or iPad!

What a perfect gift to give away for Valentine’s Day too!

mini valentines donuts 7


Father’s Day Gift – “Sweet Reminders”


My husband is leaving for four months for Army training tomorrow and we are all so sad about it. I wanted to make something so he’d remember how much he means to us and wanted my kids to take part in it. He loved it, and before he opens a piece of chocolate he gets to see a reminder of why he is the World’s Greatest Dad!

This is such a fun little project to do with your kids and to let their Dad know how much he means to them. All you need is a mason jar and some Hershey’s Nuggets to wrap these printables around. For the Hershey’s Nugget wrappers, I’m sharing the one we did for my husband and you can pick and choose whatever best fits your Dad (or Grandpa) or have fun coming up with your own reasons of why your Dad is the World’s Greatest Dad. It’s the perfect “sentimental” gift to give for Father’s Day and a “Sweet Reminder” of why he’s awesome!


Father's Day Gift Father's Day Gift 2  Father's-Day-Hershey-Nugget-Wrappers-DISPLAY

Hershey’s Nugget Wrappers – written | blank


World’s Greatest DAD – blue | green | orange | yellow

World’s Greatest GRANDPA – blue | green | orange | yellow

World’s Greatest GRAMPS – blue | green | orange | yellow

Father’s Day Gift Tags

Father's Day Tag

I was asked by the Relief Society in my ward to make a tag to attach to these awesome “bow tied” sweet treats for Father’s day. I was totally in love with this idea, and wanted these gift tags to fit the theme of the candy. These gift tags go perfect with any gift, and I’ve created them in four different colors to match any candy or gift wrap to give to Dad this weekend. What will you use these gift tags for?

IMG_5819 copy  Father's Day Tags 2


Father’s Day Gift Tags – download here

Easter Gift Tags

Easter Gift Tag Display

Ever since I started this blog, I’ve bought more holiday candy than normal. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s not always a good thing since I lack self control when it comes to sweets. Luckily, I’ve made these cute little Easter Gift Tags to send this candy on it’s way out the door, if my family and I don’t eat it all before then (no promises). If you’re self control is better than ours, here are some cute Easter Gift Tags to use.


“Egg-Stra Special” Easter (4″ Wide) – Yellow | Blue | Pink

EggStra-Square-Tags-DisplaySquare “Egg-Stra Special” Gift Tags (Set of 12) – download here


“Some Bunny Left You a Treat” (4″ Wide) –  2 pages download here


“Some Bunny Left You a Treat” (set of 12) – download here

Friday Favorites: Easter Gifts

I can’t believe we’re only two weeks away from Easter, and I’m still working on what I’m going to put in my kids Easter baskets! I’ve put together some adorable Easter Gift ideas that can be included in those Easter baskets or to give to friends and family.


Bunny Treat Bags – Stick Stich Cut


DIY Cute Carrot Shaped Gift Box – iCreative Ideas


Egg-Cellent Easter Gift Idea – Lil’ Luna


EOS Easter Gifts – The Idea Room


Fluffy Bunny Tails Gift and Free Prints – Lil LunaHappy-Easter-Peeps-Treat-Bags-with-Free-printable1

“You’re One of my Favorite Peeps!” – Club Chica Circle


Mason Jar Easter Chick – Shaken Together


Pretty Easter Gift Tags – Lia Griffith


Printable “Eggs-Tra Special” Spring & Easter Tags – Thirty Days Handmade


Easter Printables – Warm Hot Chocolate


Easter Tags – No Biggie


A Rainbow of Polish – Eighteen25


Hoppy Easter Bunny Treats – Nothing but Country

Cupcake Gift Tags & Tutorial

Cupcake Gift tag Display

This time of year is the busiest for our family as we celebrate birthdays. With March and April combined, we have a total of 8 birthdays (April being the busiest)! With these upcoming birthdays in mind, I wanted get a head start on these Cupcake Gift Tags.

These Cupcake Gift Tags are so easy to put together and look so cute on top of a birthday present. You can make these ahead of time, store them and use when a birthday has snuck up on you. My favorite thing about these Cupcake Gift Tags is you can use any type of scrapbook paper to make them gender friendly, or go perfectly with your wrapping paper! The possibilities are endless and you’re birthday boy or girl will love them (and your gift)!

Materials Needed:

Cupcake Top Printable (Blank copy here)

Cupcake Liner Printable (Blank copy here)

Scrapbook Paper

Mod Podge or Glue


String (or bakers twine)

1 Cupcake Gift Card

Step 1: Choose your scrapbook paper of choice.

0 Cupcake Gift Tag

Step 2: Print the Cupcake Tops & Cupcake Liner printables on the back of your scrapbook paper. If your scrapbook paper doesn’t fit in your printer, you can always trace the printables onto the back of your scrapbook paper.

2 Cupcake Gift Card

Step 3: Cut out your cupcakes and match the cupcake tops with the cupcake liners.

3 Glue Cupcake Gift Tag

Step 4: Use a small amount of Mod Podge or glue on the very top of the cupcake liner and stick it onto the very bottom of the cupcake top (the curvy part of the cupcake top). When the glue is dry, punch a hole at the top and insert a piece of string, and you’re done! To really go with the theme, use some matching bakers twine instead of string.

Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

valentines card display

I loved Valentine’s Day as a kid in elementary school because of all the candy you got. I could care less about the cards that came without candy, and let’s be honest who doesn’t love a little something sweet on Valentine’s Day? Because I’m a lover of candy, and all things chocolate, I’ve created a printable Valentine’s Day card that you can print out quickly and stick a chocolate heart onto. Your kids will love helping you put the chocolate hearts on, and they’ll feel like they’ve taken part of making a Valentine’s Day Card for their friends!

Valentine’s Day Card all colors – download here

Valentine’s Day Card pink – download here

Valentine’s Day Card red – download here

Valentine’s Day Card pink & blue – download here

Valentine’s Printable – Print & Candy Bag Tags

IMG_3786Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing some Valentine’s printables as we get excited for the upcoming holiday! Today I’m sharing a cute little Valentine’s printable that can be used as both a decoration in your home, or attach to a gift bag of candy to pass out to friends and loved ones.

IMG_3783Valentine’s Print 8×10 – download here

Valentine’s Print 5×7 – download here

IMG_3775 copyValentine’s Candy Bag Tags – download here

Christmas Candy Gift Tags

Candy Gift Tags

Who doesn’t love candy? I’ve created 3 Candy Gift Tags for this Christmas occasion that will make a sweet last minute gift! Put candy in a jar and wrap the tag around it, or wrap them in some clear wrap and attach the tag along with it. These tags go great with M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces and Hershey Kisses. This is perfect gift for friends, neighbors, co-workers, or even your child’s classmates.

M&M Gift TagM&M Gift Tag – download here

Pieces Gift Tag

Reese’s Pieces Gift Tag – download here

Kisses Gift Tag

Hershey Kisses Gift Tag – download here