2016 Calendar Printable

Grab the 2016 Calendar Printable on my new site!

I have received many requests over the summer for a 2016 calendar printable, and I am finally ready to share next year’s calendar. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone and in 4 short month’s we’ll already be bringing in another year!

We are excited to be spending the next year in Washington… JD cannot contain himself with his excitement about the big move. Just the other day, someone said “hi” to him and asked him how he was doing. He proceeded to tell him his current situation of how his Dad is gone (for military training), and that we’ll be moving to Washington soon. The kid has no filter and will pretty much tell you his life story.


The 2015 Calendar Printable has been a huge hit and I’m so glad so many of you have downloaded your printable and love it. For the 2016 Calendar, I have created a few new designs that I hope you’ll like! I wanted to keep the same feel of the last calendar, but with a few new fun and fresh designs to help keep you somewhat calm during some of your busiest months. You’re going to have fun staying organized with this cute 2016 Calendar!

*UPDATE* I’ve also included a landscape version of the printable! The only problem, I somehow could not squeeze the entire year onto my document, so it’s been split up into two downloads. So don’t forget to download both parts for the Landscape version only!


Grab your 2016 Calendar Printable here.

Landscape download here & here.


Printable Birthday Calendar

Birthday calendar 1

I have been wanting to make one of these Birthday Calendars for a long time, and I’ve finally done it! I had seen so many cute ideas on Pinterest, but was always worried I’d mess it up. You see, when it comes to painting on wood, I find a way to screw it up and then I’m done with that project. I never want to see it again basically. Although, I remembered something my super talented SIL and friend (Tammy & Liz) did last year and I absolutely loved it!

Birthday C 2      Birthday C

I wanted to create something just like that, but didn’t want to have to deal with a painting fiasco. So, I came up with a solution and a printable that you can use too. It is extremely easy and all you need is:


A Printer


Picture Frame (make sure the surface is flat)

Drawer Knob

White Card Stock

Glitter Paper

Birthday Cake Printable (Download for 5×7 | 8×10)

Chalkboard tags + a small piece of string

Glue (Modge Podge)

Glue Gun


1. Print out your background from the following options below.

2. On a separate sheet of paper, print out the “birthday cake” and cut those pieces out. (I’ve tried printing on glitter paper, and it did not work out well, so DON’T do it!)


3. Trace the “birthday cake” onto the back of the glitter paper and cut those pieces out.

4. Glue the glitter “birthday cake” pieces onto the background you printed out.

Birthday Calendar 3

5. While you’re waiting for the glue to dry, hot glue your drawer knob at the bottom (center) of your picture frame.

Birthday calendar 5

6. Once everything is dry, stick the Birthday Cake Background into the frame and hang up your family & friend’s birthdays that you’ve written on the chalkboard tags onto the drawer knob and you’re done!

Birthday Calendar 4

Easy, right? I’ve created 3 different backgrounds in 12 different colors. So pick your favorite and have fun creating you’re own Birthday Calendar! color-swatches

Birthday-Calendar-BLACK-DOTSPolka Dots – 5×7: Blue | Navy | Violet | Purple | Mint | Pink | Light Pink | Green | Salmon  Gray | Yellow | Black

Polka Dots – 8×10: Blue | Navy | Violet | Purple | Mint | Pink | Light Pink | Green  Salmon | Gray | Yellow | BlackBirthday-Calendar-Black Stripes – 5×7: Blue | Navy | Violet | Purple | Mint | Pink | Light Pink | Green | Salmon  Gray | Yellow | Black

Stripes – 8×10: Blue | Navy | Violet | Purple | Mint | Pink | Light Pink | Green | Salmon  Gray | Yellow | Black

Birhtday-Chevron-black-Chevron – 5×7: Blue | Navy | Violet | Purple | Mint | Pink | Light Pink | Green | Salmon  Gray | Yellow | Black

Chevron – 8×10: Blue | Navy | Violet | Purple | Mint | Pink | Light Pink | Green | Salmon  Gray | Yellow | Black

20 Useful Recycling Ideas

I’ve been busy the last couple of weeks and have been behind on my Friday Favorites posts. With Earth Day coming up on Wednesday, I thought it would be fun to do a post on my favorite Useful Recycling Ideas. I found some easy and budget friendly ideas, and not to mention extremely cute! I will definitely be doing some of these soon! Which ones are your favorite?


Bottle Beauty – Martha Stewart


Tin Can Luminaries – Apartment Therapy

aqua bottle jar chalk paint home decor DIY

Glass Bottle and Tin Can Repurpose – Fox Hollow Cottage


Waste Tin Cans – Innovative Green Living


DIY Bird Feeders – Mom Endeavors


DIY Pet Food Canister – Tidy mom

Bottle Wall

Wine Bottle Vase – Shanty 2 Chic

Glitter Tin Can

Upcycled Glitter Vase – A Bubbly Life

Glitter Vases

DIY Centerpiece Idea – Project Wedding


Glitter Dipped Mason Jars – Lily Shop

Repurposed Tin Can Organizer via knickoftimeinteriors.blogspot.com (3)

Tin Can Organizer – Knick of Time

Tuna Tin Can

Mood Lighting Cans – Croissant and Lavender


DIY Painted Berry Baskets – Lovely Indeed


Anthropologie Inspired Jar Spices – At the Picket Fence

painted laminate bookshelf 2

Lined Canvas Bins (From Diaper Boxes) – Positively Splended


Upcycled Method Bottles – Pluii


How to Make Mason Jar Lanterns – The Happy Housewife


How To Remove Wax and Re-Use Candle Jars – Dwell Beautiful


Upcycled Baby Jars into Candles – Leanne’s Blog


Paint-Dipped Baby Food Jars DIY – Oh Happy Day

Baseball Printables

Baseball Printables

It’s that time of year again – baseball season has begun. It’s the start of a brand new year, and the hope that your team will do better than the last. It’s a brand new team that has been given a clean slate. In my home, Opening Day is considered a Holiday, and we are die hard Oakland Athletics fans (I married into it). I was never a baseball fan, or a sport fan in general, and yet after 5+ years of marriage it has slowly grown on me. My husband grew up going to A’s games, and now that we have a family of our own, it’s turned into a family event. I can now say I enjoy going to baseball games, especially since both our boys love it.

I’ve slowly been turning our boy’s room into a Baseball/Oakland A’s bedroom, and I’ve finally gotten around to making some wall art for their room. If you’re family is as big a fan of baseball as we are, then you’re going to love these Baseball Printables. I’ve created two versions of the quote “Baseball isn’t just a game, it’s Life,” and “Let’s Play Ball” with a few different colors to match your favorite teams. Hope you’re enjoying the beginning of baseball season as much as we are!

Let’s go Oakland!

Baseball Printables 2

Baseball Printable Banner (Baseballs Only) – download here

Baseball is Life

Baseball-Quote-TanBaseball is Life – Tan – 5×7 | 8×10Baseball-QuoteBaseball is Life – Blue – 5×7 | 8×10

Play BallLet's-Play-Ball-Dark-BlueLet’s Play Ball – Blue – 5×7 | 8×10Let's-Play-Ball-Dark-NavyLet’s Play Ball – Navy – 5×7 | 8×10 Let's-Play-Ball-Dark-PurpleLet’s Play Ball – Purple(ish) – 5×7 | 8×10 Let's-Play-Ball-GreenLet’s Play Ball – Green – 5×7 | 8×10 Let's-Play-Ball-OrangeLet’s Play Ball – Orange – 5×7 | 8×10 Let's-Play-Ball-Red

Let’s Play Ball – Red – 5×7 | 8×10 Let's-Play-Ball-TurqouiseLet’s Play Ball – Turquoise – 5×7 | 8×10 Let's-Play-Ball-YellowLet’s Play Ball – Yellow – 5×7 | 8×10

Gold Foil Printable


Gold Foil is such a popular thing these days, I figured it was time to join the club. I don’t have a fancy silhouette, so I thought it would be fun to make a gold foil-looking printable. This print is a great reminder that you are beautiful for just being you, and to never change who you are.

The frame I used on the left was done by my talented friend Dominique, who is amazing at turning old things into beautiful home decor. She has a cute little shop on Etsy, and sells lots of upcycled and Shabby Chic frames and other decor at Birdie Go Go. You have to check her out!

I’ve made 2 different types of Gold Foil Prints to choose from, one with a normal Gold Foil look and the other with a Glitter Gold. If you aren’t feeling the gold but like the print, I’ve made a print with a black font.

Gold Foil

5×7 with dots | 5×7 without dots | 8×10 with dots | 8×10 without dots

Glitter Gold Foil

5×7 with dots | 5×7 without dots | 8×10 with dots | 8×10 without dots

Black Font

 5×7 without dots | 8×10 without dots


You also have to check out this Beautiful Gold Hanger by my friend over at Rae of Sparkles!

“Create” Printable – For Your Craft Room

"Create" Printable Display

Need to spruce up your craft room with some new art? This simple and fun “Create” Printable is just what you need. I’ve created this printable in 6 different colors to help you add some color to your room, or to fill that empty spot on your wall. It’s just the thing to help inspire you on your next project if you’re in a rut.Create-Print-Blue

“Create” Printable Blue – 5×7 | 8×10Create-Print-Light-Green

“Create” Printable Green – 5×7 | 8×10Create-Print-Light-Orange

“Create” Printable Orange – 5×7 | 8×10Create-Print-Light-Pink

“Create” Printable Light Pink – 5×7 | 8×10Create-Print-Light-Purple

“Create” Printable Purple – 5×7 | 8×10 Create-Print-Pink

“Create” Printable Pink – 5×7 | 8×10

Friday Favorites: Easter Centerpieces & Table Settings

With Easter just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to share some of my Favorite Easter Centerpieces and Table Settings. I am a big fan of keeping decor simple, especially when it comes to eating at the table. I’m a huge klutz, so I like when there’s enough room to eat in case I accidentally spill something and I don’t completely destroy someone’s beautiful display. Most of these Easter Centerpieces and Table Settings are budget friendly and easy to put together. If you’re hosting Easter this year, you’re going to want to try some of these beautiful displays!


Bounty of Color – Midwest Living


Easter Kids Table Setting – View From the Fridge


Easter Table Setting Ideas – On Sutton Place

easy easter centerpiece

An Easy Centerpiece – House by Hoff

easy spring centerpiece idea

Easy Spring Centerpiece – Yellow Bliss Road


Hollow String Eggs – Think Crafts


White Rabbit Silhouette with Carnation Cotton Tails – Miss Mustard Seed


Easter Egg Tree – All About You


Daffodil Candy Cups – Martha Stewart

Easter Bunny Printable

Easter Bunny Printable Picture

I finally took down our St. Patrick’s Day decorations over the weekend and I’m finally starting to decorate for Easter. I’m excited to be sharing this Easter Bunny Printable with you in 4 different colors! Hopefully this gets your family excited about Easter as much as mine!

Easter-Bunny-Print-DisplayEaster Bunny Printable Blue –  4×6 | 5×7 | 8×10Easter-Bunny-Print-pinkdisplayEaster Bunny Printable Pink –  4×6 | 5×7 | 8×10 Easter-Bunny-Print-Purple-displayEaster Bunny Printable Purple –  4×6 | 5×7 | 8×10Easter-Bunny-Print-green-displayEaster Bunny Printable Green –  4×6 | 5×7 | 8×10

Spokane Washington LDS Temple – Free Printable

Spokane Washington Temple Display


Spokane Washing LDS Temple 8×10 blue – download here


Spokane Washing LDS Temple 8×10 gray – download here


Spokane Washing LDS Temple 8×10 green – download here


Spokane Washing LDS Temple 8×10 light pink – download here


Spokane Washing LDS Temple 8×10 mint – download here


Spokane Washing LDS Temple 8×10 navy – download here


Spokane Washing LDS Temple 8×10 orange – download here


Spokane Washing LDS Temple 8×10 pink – download here


Spokane Washing LDS Temple 8×10 red – download here


Spokane Washing LDS Temple 8×10 violet – download here


Spokane Washing LDS Temple 8×10 yellow – download here

General Conference Quotes

As promised from my previous post (Patricia Holland – Printable Quote) I’m sharing the rest of the quotes that I’ve created for our upcoming Relief Society Birthday Dinner at the end of the month. I love these quotes because they remind us of what the Savior wants us to be. I can’t wait to hear what the Prophet and the rest of these amazing brothers and sisters have to say to us in the upcoming General Conference next month to help us remember our purpose here on earth.

Bonnie-Oscarson-8x10Bonnie L. Oscarson Quote 4×6 | 5×7 | 8×10Elder-Wong-8x10Elder Chi Hong (Sam) Wong Quote 4×6 | 5×7 | 8×10


Rosemary M. Wixom Quote 4×6 | 5×7 | 8×10