Avenger Birthday Party Printables

JD had been waiting for his birthday since Christmas was over. That may not be that long of a wait, but for an almost 4 year old that’s a long time… and it felt long for me as well, since he’d ask me every morning if it was his birthday yet. It didn’t help that his brother’s birthday was just 3 days after Christmas, my birthday was 2 weeks later, his cousin’s was a couple days after mine, and one of his good friend’s was 2 days before his. Because of this, I wanted to make sure his birthday was extra special (as it will have to be every year). He loved everything about his party, and he had a blast! It was a lot of work, but totally worth it.

Today, I’m sharing the printables I made for the party, including a couple of the ones that I didn’t have a chance to put together. If you have a little super hero in request of an Avengers Birthday party, they’re going to love these decorations! [For personal use only].

IMG_3968 copy

Avengers Banner – download here

Avengers “Happy Birthday” Banner – download here

IMG_3980 copy

Party Favor Tag – download here

Avenger Hershey’s Nugget Printables – download here

IMG_3985 copy

Superhero Party Masks – Cutesy Crafts

Avengers-FrameI meant to Modge Podge these onto canvas or frame them for decoration, but never got the chance to.

Avenger Prints 8×10 – download here


I’m not offering this as a printable, but I thought I’d share JD’s birthday invitation! It took a lot of trial and error, but I finally got it and I loved the way it looked!


We had a blast at the party, and can’t wait to see what this year has in store for our little Super Hero! We love you JD!

Plane Party Printables

Within the last month, we’ve had 3 birthdays in our little family. Our baby turned 1 at the end of December, I had a birthday at the beginning of January, and our oldest turned 4 this past Saturday!! It’s been a fun and busy month, and I can’t believe how big our boys are getting!

Today, I’m sharing the printables I used for Danny’s 1st birthday party. We were up visiting family during Christmas and had his party at my in-laws, but forgot to bring my camera! The decorations turned out so cute at their house, and I’m really bummed that I couldn’t capture it with my camera.

I decided to do a Plane Party since my husband’s “plan” for his career is to become a pilot (our 4 year old’s “career path” is to be a professional baseball player). I, of course don’t care what their career path is as long as they are happy (and not homeless). If you’re planning a Plane Party, I hope you find these helpful!

IMG_3559 copy

Baggage Claim Printable 8×10 – download here

IMG_3552 copy

Baggage Check-In Printable 5×7 – download here

IMG_3596 copy

IMG_3600 IMG_3599  IMG_3598 copy

“Happy Birthday” Plane Banner – download here


Clothespin Decoration – download here

IMG_5015 copy

“Thanks for Flying with Us” Favors – download here


Airplane Printables – download here

I hung these airplanes like a baby mobile on the chandeliers at my in-laws home. But you can use them for decorating the napkins wrapped around utensils, another party favor idea, or turn it into a garland decoration.


We all had a great time and are so glad we have this cute little boy in our lives! We love you Danny!

Green & Blue Baby Shower + Printables

A few years ago,  I decided to throw one of my good friends a baby shower. She had done so much for me within the last year, I just had to! She now has 3 adorable little boys and I am missing her terribly. I’m going back to memory lane with this one and adding a few more touches I didn’t have time to make for the party.

I love how this invitation turned out. I printed out a onesie template on the back of scrapbook paper and cut them out one by one (very tedious work people). Strung them on Hemp, and hole punched each onesie and two holes in the invitation. A lot of work, but totally worth it.
Now it’s your turn! You can print one that’s already done, or pick your favorite scrapbook paper to give it an extra special look.
Blank Onesies Template (for scrapbook paper) – download here
Onesies Template (from invite below) to add onto the blank invitation if you’re pressed for time or can’t find any scrapbook paper that works – download here
 5×7 – download here
5×7 – download here
 Diaper cake tutorial – here
Tissue Paper Pom Pom Tutorial – here
Oreo Pops Tutorial – here
“Thank You Tags” – download here
Onesie banner – download here
Triangle Banner – download here
Labels – download here