2016 Calendar Printable

Grab the 2016 Calendar Printable on my new site!

I have received many requests over the summer for a 2016 calendar printable, and I am finally ready to share next year’s calendar. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone and in 4 short month’s we’ll already be bringing in another year!

We are excited to be spending the next year in Washington… JD cannot contain himself with his excitement about the big move. Just the other day, someone said “hi” to him and asked him how he was doing. He proceeded to tell him his current situation of how his Dad is gone (for military training), and that we’ll be moving to Washington soon. The kid has no filter and will pretty much tell you his life story.


The 2015 Calendar Printable has been a huge hit and I’m so glad so many of you have downloaded your printable and love it. For the 2016 Calendar, I have created a few new designs that I hope you’ll like! I wanted to keep the same feel of the last calendar, but with a few new fun and fresh designs to help keep you somewhat calm during some of your busiest months. You’re going to have fun staying organized with this cute 2016 Calendar!

*UPDATE* I’ve also included a landscape version of the printable! The only problem, I somehow could not squeeze the entire year onto my document, so it’s been split up into two downloads. So don’t forget to download both parts for the Landscape version only!


Grab your 2016 Calendar Printable here.

Landscape download here & here.


155 thoughts on “2016 Calendar Printable

  1. Sachi says:

    Love your calendar! Thank you so much for providing it for free. It works so well with the to do list I got from Target!

    I was wanting to make some stickers and was hoping you might share what fonts you used so that I could make them to match.

    Thank you again for the awesome calendar!


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  3. Kathleen says:

    I absolutely LOVE your calendar!!!! Cutest design ever and with 4 kids’ busy schedules I really enjoy using your calendar – thank you!! If at all possible – can you add in Memorial Day??? It’s Monday, May 30, 2016. So appreciate your time and talents!! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Kathleen says:

    I’m not sure if my last comment went through – LOVE your calendar! It keeps me organized with my 4 kids! Would you mind adding in Memorial Day Monday, May 30 2016??? THANK YOU for your time and talents!


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  6. janebantegui says:

    Hi Megan! Thank you so much for being generous for providing the calendar templates for free. They are very much appreciated. They’re so wonderful and I love the design! 🙂

    Salamat from the Philippines! 🙂


  7. Lucia says:

    Thank you for your generosity. This lovely calender will be a close desk friend this year.

    Wishing you all the best for private life, proyects, upcoming dreams,



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