FREE Printable Christmas Gift Card Holders

gift card display

Last week was a crazy one for me. I was busy working on a couple of Christmas cards for my husband’s family (which I enjoyed making!), and to top it all off my entire family got sick, so that was fun… This week, I’m trying to catch up and I’m excited to share these cute Printable Christmas Gift Card Holders. You no longer have to worry about getting a card to go along with your gift card, and there’s room at the top for a small note. These are super easy to put together and your friends & family will love it!

Follow the tutorial below to put your gift card holder together:

gift-card-brown-tutorial-1Make sure you fold the card in thirds along the lines. This step makes it easier when you have to glue the tabs down.


Fold the tabs and apply glue (or a thin piece of double sided tape) on the tabs.


Once you’ve applied glue to the tabs, fold over the bottom portion of the holder as pictured above where the tabs are attached and wait until the glue is dry.


Once the glue is dry, insert your gift card, then fold the top over and you’re all done! Easy, right?

Gift Card Brown Chevron Christmas Gift Card Holder – download here

gift card blueStriped Christmas Gift Card Holder – download here

Gift Card GreenPolka Dot Christmas Gift Card Holder – download here

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