Friday Favorites: Nativity Decoration Ideas & Activities

Nativity-DisplayI absolutely love this time of year, but of course who doesn’t? With all the hustle and bustle I will admit I sometimes forget the meaning of Christmas, so I’m always grateful that I have some nativity ornaments hanging on my tree to remind me of this special holiday. However, I don’t have a Nativity set in my home so I thought I’d make that my Friday Favorites: Nativity Decoration Ideas & Activities. So if you’re like me and don’t have a nativity set, need more, or in need of something new and different in your home, or something to keep your kids busy and off the ornaments on your tree, I hope you find some inspiration from some of my favorites.

To also help us get into the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas, this video is amazing and I love how it reminds us what Christmas is all about, the birth of Jesus Christ. Watch “He is the Gifthere. 2010-12-01-002-1024x685Nativity Silhouette – Ten Cow Chick

2013 Christmas Mantel DIY Silhouette NativityDIY German Glass Glitter Silhouette Nativity – Hymns & Verses

coverNativity Ornament Tutorial – Crafting & Creativity

DIY-Nativity-Stocking-Holders-25255B3-25255D   DIY Nativity Stocking Holders – U-Create CraftsIMG_6274Christmas Wall Vinyl Framed with Empty Frames – Make It & Love It


Nativity Printable – You Seriously Made That?

Nativity-252520Ornament-252520Tutorial-25255B3-25255DNativity Ornament Tutorial – U-Create Crafts


DIY Nativity Puppets – Blessed Beyond a Doubt


Free Paper Doll Nativity – Design Dazzle

Felt-NativityA Felt Nativity Story – Stay At Home Educator


Nativity Free Printable – The 36th Avenue


First Free Printable of Christmas – My Fabuless Life

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