Funny Bacon Wall Art – Free Printable

Kitchen looking a little dull? Add a little humor to your kitchen with this “You Had Me At Bacon” wall art. I know this is one true for my husband. He loves anything with bacon and bacon itself. If you’re like me and dread going into the kitchen to cook, this is the pick me up you need!

you-had-me-at-bacon“You Had Me At Bacon” Yellow 8.5×11 – Download here

bacon-blue“You Had Me At Bacon” Dark Mint 8.5×11 – Download here

bacon-green“You Had Me At Bacon” Green 8.5×11 – Download here

bacon-light-pink“You Had Me At Bacon” Light Pink 8.5×11 – Download here

bacon-light-red“You Had Me At Bacon” Red 8.5×11 – Download here

bacon-orange“You Had Me At Bacon” Orange 8.5×11 – Download here

bacon-violet“You Had Me At Bacon” Violet 8.5×11 – Download here

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