Baby Shower

I held a baby shower a few months ago for my dear friend, and I’ve posted the pictures from the party on pretty much all of my blogs. But since I put it together, I don’t think it hurts to add it on here. It took a lot of work, but the results paid off. 
I designed the invitations myself, and was happy with the way they turned out. I loved putting it together, except cutting out the onesies took a little bit of effort.

We’ve probably all seen them floating around the web, or on Pinterest. I found the tutorial for them on Martha Stewart’s website.

I think I made the diaper cake bigger than it should’ve been. I used just over 100 diapers for this cake, when you could probably use a lot less and still make it look cute. I followed this tutorial to make the cake.

Party favors included Oreo Pops, which are absolutely amazing! And Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers, with a small “thank you” tag.

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