DIY Wedding Favors on a Stick

Trying to come up with a way to save money on your wedding favors, but at the same time, keep it cute and elegant? Having common desserts, such as cake, cookies, and truffles have been quite popular, especially if they’re on a stick.
Truffle Pops

Who doesn’t love truffles? Ever tried them off a stick? These are so easy to make, and absolutely delicious. I actually saw this off the food network, and were the best things I’ve ever had! Not to mention cheap. You may, of course, want to make a bigger batch… depending upon how many guests you’re expecting.

Try ’em here!
Oreo Pops

My sister-in-law is one of the most creative people I know. She made these cute and tasty favors for her brother’s wedding. I would totally recommend these to anybody on a budget or not!

Try ’em here!
Cake Pops

Who doesn’t love cake? Let alone, who doesn’t love cake on a stick? Try them in any flavor!

Try ’em here!
Cheese Cake Pops

These may be a little more difficult to make, but if you love cheesecake why not give them a try? Plus, they look and sound delish!

Try ’em here!
Rice Krispies on a Stick
Rice Krispie treats are always loved!
Try ’em here!
Cookies on a Stick

Try this recipe if you are not a fan of chill-time, rolling out dough, or cookie cut-outs.

Try ’em here!
Use this recipe if you are a fan of the whole cookie-cut out process. Try them in different shapes such as hearts, flowers, stars, or whatever fits your wedding theme best!
Try ’em here!
Tips for Decorating Your Cookies
Need help frosting the perfect cookies? Here’s a great place to help you make them look fabulous!
Get tips here!
Cheap Lollipop Sticks

Looking for lollipop sticks for a great price? Buy them in bulk online, like this place!

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