DIY Wedding Bars

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been really intrigued by BAR themes… no I’m not talking about those alcoholic bars, I’m talking about the Candy, Sundae, Cupcake, any sweet treat type of bar that allows you and your guests to fulfill their sweet tooth. I recently went to our friends wedding who had a Sundae Bar at their reception, and I thought “Brilliant!” It was unique (to me at least), and fun to create your own sundae. So, if you’re trying to think of ways to give your guests a little more fun, why not try these ideas below.

Seriously though, look how cute and elegant this setup is! Add as many toppings and tasty syrups as you’d like or can even think of!

Candy Bar
I love the vast arrangement of colors a candy bar brings! Plus, with a candy bar, set some cute bags, boxes, or whatever you’d like aside for guests to fill whatever candy they want, and you’ve got wedding favors checked off the list!
Need help or a jump start at how to set up your candy bar?
Cupcake Bar
How fun and unique is this?
Candy Apple Bar
Ever heard of this before? Perfect for Fall weddings.

Have fun creating and decorating your bar! Pull ideas from pictures you see from other variations of bars to make yours picture perfect!


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